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Transformers Installation

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A transformer is a passive electrical device that transfers electrical energy from one electrical circuit to one or more circuits. A varying current in any one coil of the transformer produces a varying magnetic flux, which, in turn, induces a varying electromotive force across any other coils wound around the same core. Transformers are used for increasing alternating voltages at low current (Step Up Transformer) or decreasing the alternating voltages at high current (Step Down Transformer) in electric power applications, and for coupling the stages of signal processing circuits.


MELCIFY is a reputable company where you can buy high distribution transformers. We import and supply a wide range of transformers to government, private organizations and individuals. We can assist you with the procurement and installation of from50kVA 11, 50kVA 33 up to 15mVA (150,000kVA).
MELCIFY Nigeria LTD imports and supplies an array of transformers to meet the growing needs for reliable and durable transformer across the country.
We supply private individuals and organizations that are in need of any type of transformer to satisfy their needs. All the levels of government can also leverage our services for the best transformer for their wards and citizens.

Installation of Transformer

We don't just help you import transformers, we also complete the service by helping do the installation. Although, installation of transformers comes in different package or deal, but trust that the fees is not outrageous. We don't just help you import transformers, we also complete the service by helping do the installation. Although, installation of transformers comes in different package or deal, but trust that the fees is not outrageous

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Transformers do not require as much attention as most other equipment; however, the care and maintenance they do require is absolutely critical. Because of their reliability, maintenance is sometimes ignored, causing reduced service life and, at times, outright failure

Transformer Repair & Maintenance

Getting a qualified and experienced transformer repair expert to fix issues with transformers may be quite challenging. Such experts are few and far between.
MELCIFY Nigeria LTD offers transformer repair services. We have our team of professionals on the ground to help you to fix issues with your transformer.
Our over 8 years of experience in the industry and our trained professionals give us the edge over our competitors. Hence, we are your best bet for transformer repair services.

Melcify Repair Pricing

Our prices are competitive and our services are the best in the industry. For any type of transformer repairs and maintenance services, contact us through the provided contact information. We will respond to your request without delay.

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Rural electrification is the process of bringing electrical power to rural and remote areas. Rural communities are suffering from colossal market failures as the national grids fall short of their demand for electricity. As of 2017, over 1 billion people worldwide lack household electric power – 14% of the global population. Electrification typically begins in cities and towns and gradually extends to rural areas, however, this process often runs into road blocks in developing nations. Expanding the national grid is expensive and countries consistently lack the capital to grow their current infrastructure.

We Transform your Community

Electricity is a must-have in this century. Aside from providing illumination, it also powers the economy and makes life a lot easier for people.
Electricity enables people to enjoy the best things life has to offer. Sadly, many rural dwellers are denied the opportunity to electricity, depriving them access to quality life.

Good thing about Melcify

At MELCIFY Nigeria LTD., we are passionate about getting electricity to the farthest part of Nigeria as an advocate of rural electrification. As the biggest supplier of transformer in the country, we provide rural areas the best transformer to make the residents’ dreams of enjoying the huge benefits of electricity come true.
Whether you are an individual or a community that is interested in getting the best transformer for the electrification projects, you can contact MELCIFY Nigeria LTD for any of any type of transformer within this range: 50kVA 11, 50kVA 33 up to 15mVA (150,000kVA).

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